World Trauma Care Day: An Awareness Class Conducted By Traffic Police and Aster Volunteers

17 October 2018

An awareness class was conducted by the Traffic Police and Aster Volunteers on World Trauma Care Day at Kozhikode Moffusil Bus stand. Every year October 17th is celebrated as World Trauma Care Day by giving awareness talks and conducting programmes on immediate pre-hospital care. Talks are conducted to raise awareness among people on how to help victims who have met with accidents.

The function was inaugurated by Traffic Police Commissioner M.C.Devasia at Moffusil Bus stand. Aster MIMS Trauma Service Chief and Plastic Surgeon Dr.K.S.Krishnakumar gave a talk. A visual video was displayed on how to give pre-hospital care (first aid and immediate attention) for basic life support of the victim. A flash mob too was conducted by the Aster Volunteers.

Aster MIMS CEO Dr.Santy Sajan pointed out that the victim’s life depends on the first hour of treatment they receive. She also added that these awareness classes held on World Trauma Care Day could be of great help to the public to help victims sustain their lives that could be lost.

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