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Aster MIMS offers the specialist advice, supported by a comprehensive range of round the clock hospital services, which can address all of your company’s healthcare needs.

The single most important asset of any organization is its people. And like any other asset it has to be protected. To this end, more and more companies are recognizing the value of adopting a strategic healthcare policy. Many are already sponsoring medical expenses programs. Not just for senior management, but for all levels of staff as well as immediate family members.

But there is more to a strategic healthcare policy than medical expenses. Should procedures be widened to include health screening? or to assess the risk of sickness and stress in the workplace? or to manage such risks? Companies driving for cost efficiency and reducing the number of employees are more likely to affect by days lost through sickness. Rising medical costs are leading to significant increases in the cost of funding employees medical expenses benefit plans.

These trends raise a wide range of financial and human resource issues. They do so at a time when companies are already under pressure to contain operating costs, to improve margins and to improve competitive advantage in a liberalized economy.

A strategic healthcare policy is a complex issue requiring specialist advice. More importantly, it requires the resources to implement that advice. MIMS offer that specialist advice, supported by a comprehensive range of services, which can address all of your company’s healthcare needs.

  • Round the clock help desk for medical emergencies and assistance and hospitalization.
  • Corporate advisory services
  • Corporate health planning
  • Advice on health insurance
  • Medical crisis, rapid response and first aid protocol programs.
  • Occupational Health and Risk Management Services
  • Health and well being programs
  • Health publications
  • Health Awareness Programme
  • Health Screening
  • Wellness Programme for Lifestyle & Stress Management
  • Immunization drives for preventable diseases

All our services are available to any size of organization, from small independent companies to major multinationals. Whether used individually or in combination they can all be tailored to your specific requirements. Moreover, we will ensure that they are cost effective and value for money.

We advice and help employers with professional input and services to “round out” the health benefit plans and cover a wider spectrum of health benefits for your employees & their families. We will help devise and implement strategies to improve the general health status of your working population and ensure that your corporation receives good value for money, by way of health management and administration program.

The approach we take at Aster MIMS is a value proposition consistent with the commercial imperatives of our client based on the development of customized health benefits strategies and supported by state-of-the-art software and health management processes.

The only interests we represent are those of our client, thereby assuring you unbiased choices in terms of benefit provision and cost management. Understandably, some clients desire different levels of involvement from us. To address individual client needs we have developed flexible internal techniques and process which, allow a diversity of involvement and offers that our services are dynamic and can evolve with the changing needs of today.

We have pioneered the concept of “healthcare management” in India. In a short span of under four years, we have positioned our self as a leading hospital for consultation, evaluation and development of corporate health policies and employee health benefits in India.

We are respected for our integrity, quality of advice and matching the best people to the task. Focusing of highly customized customer services has gained us acceptance and recognition by our clients, who value the set of essential strengths we bring to every assignment. In our dealings with corporate clients we have gained valuable experience to develop and implement an international strategy to suit the Indian market. This strategy provides us with a unique opportunity to study the mindset of medical providers as well as the buyers of healthcare services. It includes collaborating with you in the evolution of the product as your commercial imperatives unfold and performance measures are identified and developed. What is more, we have the resources to implement it efficiently and cost effectively. We pride ourselves in using the most current technology to achieve efficiency.

Corporate Clients

Air India

Airport Authority of India

Food Corporation of India


Indian Airlines

Indian Oil Corporation

Malayala Manorama

Punjab National Bank

State Bank of India


Employee State Insurance

Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme


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