Preventive Health Check up

We are all aware of the fact that fate has different destiny in store for us. Life is not free of unfavourable happenings. It is better to identify problems, while it is in the primary stage and take measures to prevent it from getting worse. It is all the more important not to let the problem arise at all. People in the developed countries have realized the importance of preventive measures that help to enjoy life without having to worry. Unfortunately, many people in developing countries have not adopted this wave of preventive health care.

MIMS, which has a Global Vision, has designed several Health Check-up Packages with the philosophy that Prevention is Better than Cure. Proper care has been taken in designing these packages to suit the needs of various age groups. The Comprehensive Health Screening Programme called MIMS Health Check offers you the convenience of all tests under one roof and facility for immediate treatment, if necessary, at the most economic rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should anyone have a health check?

Some conditions such as high BP, Diabetes, cholesterol, osteoporosis and some cancers start silently- i.e. physically one may not feel any symptoms at all in the beginning. By the time the symptoms of these diseases start, the disease may be a few years old, and may have caused damage to eyes, heart, liver, kidney, arteries, skin etc. Some cancers may even have spread to various areas. These damages may be irreversible. Such diseases are rightly called “Silent Killers”.

To detect these diseases in their early stages, it is recommended that everyone has a regular medical check-up. The frequency of check-ups and tests recommended may vary, based on age, gender and risk factors.

Who should have it?

Broadly speaking, everyone should have it- Newborn babies, children, adolescents, and especially adults and the elderly. Children may have undetected anemia, nutritional problems, vision and hearing problems, behavioral issues, poor school performance, etc, which, if evaluated early, may be very useful.

Adolescents may have anemia, growth and development related concerns, nutritional deficiencies, difficult-to-tackle psychological issues etc.

Adults may have issues as mentioned above. Females, in particular, should get themselves periodically screened for cancer of cervix and breast, and weakening of bones.

How do I go for this?

It is advised that the prior appointment be made for a smooth proceeding.

Please call us before you come whenever ideally possible. You are free to walk in to Aster MIMS any morning (except Sundays) by 8 am in a 10 to 12 hour fasting state.

Good medical care takes time and a complete check up as detailed above will take some time to complete on the same day. Kindly bear with us during your check up.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries or clarifications.

For Appointments: 0495-3091107 (from 8 AM 6 PM)

Why don’t I just go for a “package” of tests on my own?

Generally, people do a “package” of tests while undergoing health check-ups. Such “package” of tests may not suit each and every person individually. For example, a “General” or “Executive” health check may consist of Liver function tests, renal function tests, ECHO, Chest X ray, Stress test, etc. But who decides whether you need all these or not? Are you sure you need them at all?

Are you aware of risks associated with some tests, such as in case of X-Rays, stress tests? Are doing all the tests really worth it, both financially and health-wise? There can be a common Health check “package” for the young and the old, male and female, but only limited to few tests; what about specific risk factors associated with, for example, being man and woman, smoker and non-smoker, athletic and sedentary?

What is so special about doing tests after seeing the Doctor?

You share your past medical history; discuss your lifestyle and family history of diseases in detail. You can thus discuss your personal health-related concerns and clear any doubts about diseases, risks and tests. If there is a specific test you wish to do, you may frankly say so.

This is followed by a systematic physical examination. Then, based on your age, gender, lifestyle, social factors, family history, your past medical history and the physical examination findings, the doctor will discuss what all your risk factors are. Some risk factors can even be objectively quantified.

Based on these, you will be prescribed sets of tests which are necessary.

How will that benefit me?

You don’t have to do tests which are almost surely not necessary for you. Therefore, cost associated with “routine” health checks come down significantly.

For example, if you are a 35 year old lady who has a healthy lifestyle and no risk factors for heart disease, you don’t need to undergo an X-ray, ECHO or stress test. Instead, if there is a likelihood of breast cancer, investigations can be planned accordingly.

Thus, many tests such as “routine” X rays, Liver/Kidney function tests etc can be avoided if there is no risk factor for such diseases at such an age. The resources can instead be diverted towards detecting issues that may be uniquely relevant to you.

But is there any guarantee that my illness won’t be missed?

No. Unfortunately, medical science is not perfect. There are innumerable unexplained mysteries in the human body and mind. Even if all tests possible are done, there still remains a possibility that diagnoses can be missed in small number of people.

The Doctors’ advice is based on your discussions, current scientific medical evidence and clinical judgment. It focuses more on what is likely to be discovered, rather than casting a “net” of investigations over a person and waiting for an abnormal lab value which will decide your disease probabilities.

What after the tests are done?

You have another consultation with the doctor. The results and implications will be discussed. Risk factors will be reviewed. Further appropriate management will be suggested. Apart from this, you also get a free follow-up visit, which can be availed at any time up to 15 days.