MIMS Medical Center

Aster MIMS is proud of its quality care and services provided to our people. Committed to treat you well, Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences has opened a medical centre at the heart of Eranhipalam, Calicut. The accessibility for the people in Calicut to Mims Medical Centre and the flexible timings of OP and pharmacy will pave the way for availing best quality care in various departments.

Our departments stand out with outstanding facilities, quality care and well-trained staff. The initiative of Aster MIMS to extend its quality standards and expertise pays service in the following departments. We provide specialists as well as vital ancillary services for the patients at Mims Medical Centre. Our facilities consist of X-ray, Ultrasound, ECG, Laboratory, Walk-in-Pharmacy, Health Check and Immunisation.

The clinic is open from 7 am to 8 pm. However, the people can make use of the pharmacy till 12 am midnight.

Contact: 04952379666 for appointments.